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HTML5 Shim and Respond.js IE8 support of HTML5 elements and media queries. Minimal JS-Library and Java Script functions optimized. ( perhapt to deep into => )

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Multimedia Files are perfectly embedded in our Homepages. Like Maps (mostly Google Maps) are up to date html Implementations.

Marh 2000 - Dec 2005
Software Developer at
'A Software House'
Jan 2008 - May 2011
study Electronics at
FH Campus-Wien
June 2011 - Date
Production Head at
July 2011 - Date
Freelance IT-Technician and Web-Developer

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Some Sites

  • As Customer you can choose CMS (Contant Management System) you prefer. Or we discuess your needs and find best suited CMS. We do them all but only for our Customers. Our Sites are handwritten so we can edit everything and all for our Customers wishes.

    right CMS - for YOU

  • Recently Wordpress became unuseable for our Customers. JOOMLA has always been full with Errors and bad backend-edit. So we got back to ┬┤rooty-like┬┤ CMS like Contao, Kerberos and other Open Source CMS with own Macroedit and /LDAP-/NIS-/NTLM-/SMB-Authentifications.

    some CMS - info

  • Team |Website-Tuning| is always ready to assist you with your Websolutions / Webhost
    ....contemporary, future-oriented, safe, convenient, fast, clean homepages from

    U shall get what U need!


Feel free to take a peek at my portfolio and projects. My contact info is imprinted around there as well. Feel free to contact me for work, general chatter, design questions or just to say Hallo. I'll respond in short period. Or complete our PDF - Form and tell us some details.